In my early youth I had been interested in anything with wheels. A way to express this was by drawing.

Over the years much time was spent mastering the technique to the point that it becomes the tool

to precisely harness my inspiration.

In my regular work as an designer form, proposition and colors are important.


Important steps toward my current work originate from my main job in the nineties, focussing on

proper presentation of architectural designs using colors and enviroments. I learned the different

techniques  over time by myself  and in various courses. The intention was to start a presentation

department where the costumer could choose between various types of presentations

such as handmade  artist-impressions, computer animations, graphis infos, and scale models.

This early helped to shape my work and establish my style.




Combinations of views, color and motion characterize my work. In the composition I often use

black in combination with the color of the subject ( car, motor, or plane) which became the main color.

The dark (black) part of the background contains parts of the car – like a dashboard or a front sign

– shown as a line graphic which smoothly transforms  into the form of the car.

The dark background must contrasts well with the main color of the work.

This complex morphing of shapes and viewpoints into one composition is my personal interpretation

inspired by work of a great Dutch artist… M.C. Escher.




Before I starts with the composition I study the subject very carefully in order to master its

shapes and sizes. Often I make a series of photos to document the subject from all piont of view.

Special attention is given to capture the key elements of the design, these are important to recognizing the subject at the glance of an eye.

The various drawings and points of view are combined such that function and shapes transform  samelessly,

exposing futher layers in the works that reveal themselves when looking at the composition

more intensely